Our Mission

To help communities in small islands learn more about their natural environment, conserve native species and habitats and pursue sustainable ways of living.


Our Vision

Communities living in harmony with island ecosystems in the Philippines

Our History

Isla Biodiversity Conservation, Inc. or ISLA was established by a group of scientists and conservationists in March 2005 shortly after the discovery of an island-endemic bird, the Calayan Rail, by its members. Recognizing the importance of preserving unique and fragile forms of life in small islands, the founders launched ISLA to fill gaps in conservation work in these areas and to help broaden the base of people serving to conserve biodiversity in the Philippines.

Our Team

ISLA is grateful to have a dynamic team composed of volunteers and field guides from the local community and beyond. We engage the community, empower our local volunteers, and promote citizen science to ensure that the island's biodiversity and natural resources is conserved by those who are directly affected by them.

Members and Officers of the Board of Trustees

Carl Oliveros – President
Genevieve Broad – Vice President
Amalie Conchelle Obusan-Hamoy – Secretary
Marisol DG. Pedregosa – Treasurer
Carlo C. Custodio
Arvin C. Diesmos
Nina R. Ingle
Angela L. Quiros
Carmen L. Villaseñor